Our 2nd trip to Hong Kong 2015 (5/12-9/12)

In May 2015 as our annual trip, I went to Big Buddha @ Lantau island to pray for blessing for my upcoming exam in June .. 

In July 2015 I graduated with a MBA and I knew I need to make a trip back to Hong Kong to revisit Big Buddha for the blessing..

After negotiating and agreement with Hubby I make the booking in August and the actual travel period must be after month end so that it will conflict with hubby’s work schedule normal the kids are excited with the trips and looking forward to it ..

We took Cathay pacific this time and throughout the journey they are happy .. When the kids happy , their parent will equally be happy 😂😂

Taken from KLIA

Reached Hong Kong international Airport was cool and raining on the day we arrived ..

We stayed at Best Western Grand Tsim Sha Shui. nothing was planned for day 1 as all of us are quite tired as we woke up quite early to the airport..

We take a stroll from TST to the avenue of stars but it was closed to public .. Feel sad about it as we are thinking to refresh Chloe experience 5 yrs ago .. She claimed she never been to places that we visited 5 yrs ago and this trip is more like for her to refresh the experience ..

The girls slept early that night

Day 2 :

Our plan was to the Big Buddha and Victoria peak for Day 2

We took the MTR from Jordan station to Lai King before changing to Tung Chung Line and took the cable car up the hills ..

Weather was cool and windy but we are enjoying the whole process .. The girls jokes and talking non stop..

Big Buddha from the cable car from Tung Chung 

The view .. 

We climb all the way up and I did my prayer there.. I’m feel happy that I finally fulfilled my promise 😍😍

We have our vegetarian lunch there with the girls ..

The soup ..taste okay as I don’t take vegetarian food .. Zoey cried as she too does not take Vege but to have the vegetarian to her is a challenge..

Around 2plus we decided to make a move to Victoria peak via the Hong Kong style 😜😜.. We took the cable car back to Tung Chung and from there we took the MTR to Hong Kong station and walked out to the exchange square to take a bus no 15 up to the peak ..

We paid to go up the peak tower as the weather is good and the view are so clear ..5 yrs ago we went up but we are unable to see much of th view as it is so misty 

The Hong Kong view ..

Just for comparison – 5 yrs ago..

  And 5 yrs after..

And our family photo  


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It’s almost the end and the new beginning ..

After 16yrs in Finance and by qualification – an accountant , something I can never leave ( I thought I am) until in Sept this year I was offer to do something else which is something that I will never thought I able to do .. Coupled with the news that my boss of 5 yrs have decided to move on to another role in Indonesia , I finally decided to move on to another role – outside my forte and taking up the challenge ..

With the new boss joined, it has make me feel the decision to move on is the best ever decision that I ever taken. 

I just hope by me pen~ing this down I would be able to revisit this again in the future with the girls .. 

I have neglected this blog and I will be updating this blog for the girls to read soon ..

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So Long .. 

I’ve tried using various social media site to jot down my memories yet I still think blogging through a blog is easier without character limitation , space limitation etc ..

Think will start back blogging .. See you soon with recapping the memories in 2014 and 2015 

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Bye bye 2014 ..welcome 2015

2323 pm.. Just another 30 minutes we going to celebrate the new year 2015.. What a year for Malaysia as a whole and for me, as an individual and resident of Malaysia, this year are really a challenging year to all of us.

I started the year with a failed paper in my MBA studies due to work commitment where I took on a new role in sept 2013.. Somehow I expected this to happened but the impact was too great that I have to forgo 2 semesters so that I could stabilized my team first before my study, yes I do continued back by study in November with a brave heart.. I took 2 papers this semester and do struggling now to balance work, study and family..

My Mother In law passed away in March after being in coma state for 16 months, it was a sad days for all of us especially hubby but somehow I realized that he has been more focus on us as a family as compared to before, at least now he came back early after work, took care of the girls , and be there when the girls are sick. I feel grateful for this changes …

Work wise, there are ups and downs.. I feel grateful that my boss are understanding and able to give me the flexibility in my work.. Despite all this, I would said it was a great year for all of us.


For family wise, the girls continue to strike in their studies.. Both managed managed to achieved 6 and 5 awards from the school based on their final exam.. Both took the top and 2nd position respectively.

Zoey has changed a lot this year… No longer a children.. Look like a young lady now.. Have her own mindset now and very accommodative but very bad temper if she moody/grumpy..

Chloe as normal still the baby in the family.. Always demand for attention but we been a bit stricter with her now.. She somehow know daddy and mommy will no longer tolerate nonsense so she does obey instruction although sometime she may want to test our patience …

We took them to Sydney and Melbourne in November for 9 days,, first time arrange for a domestic flights … Was really enjoyable trip with the girls… It is easier now with them… We walked, eat, and enjoyed the environment.. We joke, we scold and we laugh throughout this trip…something that I always loom upon after a very tiring working and studying…

I just hope 2015 will be a better year for all of us…

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Today is the day


For our annual overseas trip to Sydney and Melbourne with our girls..

But ho, I’m down with a bad toothache and feeling tired now.. just hope can enjoy our trip as much as we can…

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Don’t be self centered ,,,

A reminder to all..


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It’s back to go to school

After 8 months off from the “school” here I am receiving the notification of the new semester from the university ..


It is not an easy job to continue this yet I manage to clear 9 out of the total 12 papers and it is really time for me to go all out to clear this ..

Not easy but I determine to do this all the way and it is just 3 papers away before the graduation and I hope that I will finally finally hold the long delayed Master qualification…

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