Cuti Cuti Malaysia – Penang (12/3 ~14/3)

14 Mar

We brought vacation timeshare since 12 yrs ago .. Year in year out either the nights forfeited or we giving away the nights to our relative , we never feel it is useful till now ..

Both myself and hubby are busy with our works and sometimes we don’t spent as much time as we want with our girls . Then since 2010 we have at least one trip oversea so that at least a week in a year we got the opportunity away from the busy life of work and focus our time together with them..

Since last year we started to have 2 overseas trip and I could see hubby been slow down with his work and this year I told hubby let’s take the girls to Penang for short gateway since it is school holiday .. He didn’t disagree or agree and I proceed to go ahead by booking the room through our timeshare..

Indeed it is a good vacation where don’t rush here and there, we take our own sweet time to plan where to go , what to eat etc 

I also took this opportunity to take the girls to a place where by Father took me there since I was a teenager .. A place that I have not been about 20 yrs ago ..

When I was small my Father alway took us to Penang and we will stay at Parkroyal hotel and we’ll have our dinner here ..

Ordered them the banana split ❤️❤️

* I’m on my way back to kl now while updating this post .. The next trip planned since last year will be our 2016 1st overseas trip to Perth Australia in june for the girls mid term holiday 

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