Just 2 more days to new year and it is time to recapped ..

29 Dec

2015 almost to the ending already and it is time for me to do  a recapped before the clock officially tick off 2015 and move on to 2016..

There are good , happy things happening in 2015 and life will never be alway on the top ..there are sad thing happening too ..

Started the year with good bonus and indeed one of the good one this year .. I’m happy that all my good work was recognise and being compensated.. But deep down I know there is no longer satisfaction I feel no matter how good I do my work and it is like a routine work for me..decided to talk to my COO and thankfully in sept I was offer a new role totally out of finance but not losing all my  experience in finance .. I happy to close 2015 with something that I dream and want to do for the past 2 years and the feeling to start the year in 2016 with new role and new challenges ..

Despite the heavy workload during the gst implementation,  I continue with my last 2 papers for MBA with zero confident in passing those paper.. Everything was last meeting from preparing for assignment , revision before examination – all this was done last minute yet thank God I managed to get through the exam .. Yup finally graduated with an MBA.. Something that I have work on for the past 2 years ..this achievement is my highlight of 2015 ūüėćūüėć .. 

From the family point of view.. I thankful to God for blessing me with a good and understanding Husband supported me throughout in my work and in my study .. Never once he got angry with me for not spending time with the kids more and not once he snapped at me for not cooking his dinner or lunch .. He standby me when I upset and cried when the stress level too high for me.. He take care of the girls every night if I need to do burn midnight oil lamp to complete my assignment .. Am thank god for the blessing for giving me an understanding Husband..

The girls achieved good result both in the mid term exam and also the year end  exam.. Nothing much I can hope for except both of them blessed with good health and happiness in whatever they do and want to do .. 

There are also sadness happened in 2015 but I will not put it down here .. Past is past to me and indeed I hope the sad part in 2015 will not happen in 2016 .. 

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