21 Sep

My helper is back here to Malaysia after one week off..

Throughout this week, when I was alone taking care of my girls, I realized it is not easy to take care the girls and at the same time ensure the house is clean and tidy.. I did tried to clean as what my helper did and realised it is not easy say than done..

I feel tension whenever I saw the cups, books scattered around or the floor is not clean.. Am I some freak cleans monsfer myself?..

When I pick my helper back home and she took only 0.5 hr to turn the house back to normal as though as she have not gone back to Indonesia… The table top are clean, the sofa is neatly stack with pillows etc… Maybe It is me who is having issue in ensuring the house is clean.

Even hubby also commented I don’t look that stress up now.. In me, I do feel like a burden have been taken away from me..

Am happy that she is back now to help me again.. And I do hope it will be more years that she will remain with our the way, she is 7th years working with me now…

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