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My passion for handicrafts…

For me the only way for me to release stress and tension is by doing the handicrafts… To some people why of all things you are doing something that is time consuming and could add on your stress from their point of view..

Here I took this opportunity to explains..:

1. As the yarns move towards a direction somehow while you knit/crochet/beading/cross stitch, your mind does follow the way your hand move.. It’s like a therapy when you do that… Your mind will be clear and you will start to find the solutions while your hand move the way you want..

2. There are times i feel really lost on my work in the office, as I sat on my craft table, pick up the work that I do, I feel really relieved and my mind started to blank and as I work I start to do reflective thinking on what ‘if’ I did it there other way, would there be any more better solution?

Every now and then, during my holiday, on my way to office, while waiting for hubby, there are at least one project in my hand carry bag.. I feel that I will not waste my time while waiting and I can make use of the time that I have for something that I like to do.

Yup… I wrote all the crafts that I knew how to do/ make and now I moving towards polymer clay art…

I really hope that my 2 little girls would follow my passion and yet at this moment I don’t see any… For them, they just love reading which something I always want for my little ones… Hope later when they know enough they will want to learn it with me..

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