An update after so long ….

12 Apr



It’s has been a very long time since i update my beloved blog…it’s going to be a year soon from the post that i have updated from about my annual Australia trip that we have make in July last year..

although i have started to blog via dayre, i still believe blogging from this website give me satisfaction especially it documented my two princess progress …

yup.. both of them are now in primary school and more or less, they no longer a baby anymore, which i miss so much now as both of them just want to be independent and they have their own mine of doing thing… they are just no longer need me as much as before and this means that i will have more time to myself, too much i think now as basically they do their thing themselves and they sometimes required their own space too..

Zoey is 9 this years old this year and as usual she has confidence in all the thing that she does and no worry on her side especially on her study as she take her study as her “utmost” priority .. she soon moving to teenage age as she has her own mind on her clothing, her appearance and foremost, she want to look girly most of the time.. she is chosen to be school prefect next year and she is one of the famous girl in her school reason being she outspoken, confident level is high and being a chinese girl speak malay in a malay slang.. tell you, no joke, her malay slang is damn good and if you don’t see who speak, you will believe that she is a malay..

Chloe on the other hand, was so timid in her school.. being a tigress in the family – bully her sister most of time at home, you won’t believe that she is just so timid.. most of them she need her sister to rescue her.. in terms of study, just like her jie jie no worry on her study except that she is weak on her maths..other than that, her study is okay and she enjoyed going to school.. no more reason for me to get angry when she don’t want to wake up…

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