The HFMD episode..

11 Sep



(photo taken after both of them recovered from the sickness at publication for our dinner..

While we planning for our holiday, we somehow ended with a week of HFM (hand,food,mouth ) disease in our household..

All started on Monday -2nd day of Raya, as we have planned to go to Genting to compensate the kids for the trip that we can’t make to LeeFoo theme park in Taipei, we also have my BIl family tagging along for this trip. As the weather was raining cat and dog throughout the day, we let the kids enjoying the games that they like the most,bumper car..



However, Chloe started feeling unwell and we noticed her appetite reduced. We decided to make a move back to kl once she woke up after her afternoon nap.

To cut the story short, the next day Chloe was diagnosed with HFMD after we took her to see the doctor and we were told that the ulser started to developed around her throat. With high fever and ulser, it was difficult to take care of her as she refused to drink and eat. She can only take milk on Tuesday and some bread at night. Once we know Chloe have this virus, my mom already took Zoey to her house. This was the first time the girls been separated from few days. Chloe misses her jie jie so much until there are times she will cried. Most of the time we do a skype with my sister so that the kids able to communicate between them.

As I thought that Chloe started to recovered, my nephew got the virus on Thursday and Zoey too caught the virus on Friday. I was dead tired on taking care of Chloe and with Zoey caught the same virus, I feel like crying the moment the doctor diagnosed this when we took Zoey to see him. It took 2 full days for Zoey to recovered and on Monday I started to work as normal.

That is how we spent our Raya long weekend with 2 sick kids at home….

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