Taipei, Taiwan ~ day 4 & 5 ( 19/7 & 20/7 )

10 Aug

With no time constraints and pre arrange schedule, we took our time for today. As a norm for the kids, they are way too much energy and as normal they woke up much earlier than us. They entertained themselves while we still asleep,

We thought it was late to go out to have our breakfast at 900am, but we are surprised when we reached the Taipei City Hall on our way to find our breakfast. We thought of maybe we could have our breakfast on our way to Taipei 101 but the shop still closed. No choice we take the longer way instead of taking the shuttle bus from the MRT, we decide to walk from the MRT station to Taipei 101.

Under 32’c weather, it was hot to walk to the destination, but we do have some sight seeing on our way there.



We did not go up to their observatory floor as we don’t think it is worth it and Chloe was tired by the time we finish our breakfast. Hubby went up to the observatory floor while myself taking care of the girls.

The Taipei 101 building look almost the same as our KLCC building where all the well known companies are situated. Next to it, it’s the shopping centre where all the well known designer shop is situated.





While waiting for hubby and Chloe still sleeping, Zoey was bored and same time I noticed that on the floor, there are written some country name where I decided to do a quiz with Zoey. I asked her to step on the country name tiles which she have visited since 2010.




And of course our own city..


After some window shopping and comparing price at long champ outlet, we decided to make a move to the wholesale district, WuFengPu via Mrt to HouSanpi station.

As the weather getting hotter, we decided to have our meal at a japanese restaurant due to only one reason, it is air-conditioned. After our lunch, I started my shopping spree. Hubby take over the role to take care of the kids and tell you, I lost count on numbers of shop that I went in and out. I think we spent about 3 hours here and the kids keep on asking us when are we going back to hotel,

As the sky looks dark, we decided to leave and we reach hotel around 500pm and we have our buffet dinner in the restaurant above our hotel.

On the 5th day, the weather is too hot and we have to put off the idea of going to LeeFoo village theme park. Instead, we went to Taipei Main Station and visited their underground mall. We shop there for almost 4 hours before we make our move back to hotel as we need to refresh ourself before our next destination.. The Shida night market. We have our dinner there …

Nothing much on the 5th day as the kids started to feel homesick. They keep on asking us when they are going home and they want to be indoor only as the weather getting hotter and hotter..

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