Chloe’s update..

10 Mar

After Zoey update , I think to be fair I need to do this.. Chloe update in this blog of mine..


This girl of mine started her schooling early this year.. we have been delaying her to school due to her health condition.. as this is all new to her she was crying for more than 2months now as she refuse to go to school.. her excuse ..

“Po po,  my tummy pain..”or
” not yet 8 o’clock, I don’t want nen nen..”
“The bell not ring yet,I don’t want to go to school’

Without fail, she will make a fuss before we leave our home to my mom’s place and starting crying at my mom’s doorstep as she knew i’m going to work.. this situation continuous for about 2months until my mom come out with a trick..

“Chloe, you go to school, popo pick you up at 1030..”

As she does not know how clock is work, she assuming that she come back “early”, it solve the issues of crying since then..

Same as her jie jie, she loves her schooling time despite she crying every morning, she came home with her school thing and will share with her jie jie rather than previously she only heard her jie jie talk about school..

I have started her on kumon’s  subsraction book and I was surprise when she able to solve the question ask when I only coach her less than 30minutes..


I especially feel thankful that I’m blessed with 2 girls which are so into study.. frankly speaking ever since I implemented the 1hrs for study when they are young, they are use to this and in fact now I don’t really monitor them anymore as they are so independent with their study.. they will just pick a book or magazine and read as and when they want.. sometimes during the weekend, when I woke up they already doing their study be it doing some activity book that I brought for me or just revising their school work from their school book…

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