Chloe’s first day in school…

09 Jan

It is a lil delayed for this post as I was caught up with my office despite thatI was on leave..

Chloe started school a day earlier that Zoey which means that I can sent her to school.. but tell you, I never expected this to happened.

We already prepared her mentally that she going to school way back before the holidays start and even on the day itself, just before she off to school, she still excited..

However, everything changed the moment she step into the school compound. She reluctant to let go my hand and she holding my hand tightly even when the teachers gather all the students around for assembly.


After I saw her quite settled down and she is in her class, I went back home. To my borrow, I could hear her crying from my mom’s hse which is 2 doors away. Quickly I run back to the school and I request to be with her. At first the teacher quite reluctant but when I told her Chloe’s health condition, they allowed me to sit outside her class room..


2nd and 3rd day, as I need to sent Zory to school, my mom took over.. situation improving. No more wailing or crying but there are teary situation..

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