We survived!

30 Aug

I did thought for the worst when i sent my helper to the airport with the kids tagged along. It is not an easy situation for both the girls as they really attached to Siti – my helper.

Zoey already starting crying at home, the moment, Siti pushed her luggage to the main door. At first, we thought of leaving the kids with my mom but after a few thought, we think it will be better if the kids tagged along as I knew they will be very unhappy if they know that their kakak went home without saying goodbye. In the car, both the girls cried to sleep.. seeing them, tell you it is not easy. As a mom, looking at them crying and I feel so helpless, make me cried together with them. I know the separation feeling is..

In the airport, after breakfast, I helped her to check in and the moment, we bid our goodbye, three of them already tearing. I have to asked her to go into the boarding gate before Chloe start yelling. It is not good..

As hubby is working, we stayed with my mom. I could feel myself feel so helpless,. and both Zoey and Chloe is too,..Chloe especially feel so clinging and “manja” .. Thank goodness, hubby can home earlier than normal, we went back home. The girls was crying when daddy pick them up..

At home, they are more settle but they refused to sleep in their room. They want to sleep in our room and I think this arrangement will stay on until Siti come back. I called her mom to see whether she has arrived.. She only arrived around 10.00pm yesterday just nice to celebrate her Raya with her family.. I really she will come back next week as promised…

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