A week off but….

28 Aug

The Raya weekend is finally here, which mean I will be off work for one week or 10 days to be exact..however it is just different this round compare to the CNY’s holiday..

My helper of 4 years will be going home for the first after 4 yrs working for me during this Raya week.. Tomorrow she will be going home for her Raya holiday with her family.. To me, I quite anxious to wait for this day to come as this is for the first time, I will be taking care of my girls without my helper after 4 yrs excluding the 4 days when I took them to HongKong last year..

In fact, i’m always have my helper around to help me on the household chores since the birth of Zoey six years ago.. In fact my helper now is my second helper and we managed to get her into my household without any disruption as I sent my first helper to the airport on the same day I bring her home..

The only problem I would foresee would be how Chloe take this separation from her kakak.. She is very close to her as my helper take care of her since she was 2 months old.. Tonight after our dinner with her kakak, we told her that kakak will be going home for a week, she cried in the car and keep on saying that she don’t want her to go home..

Since I have already foresee this would happened, I book a holiday in Singapore next week for 4 days so that the girls would not feel the changes much.. In fact I am glad that i make this decision. For Zoey, she keep on reminding her sister that kakak will be home soon and that they are going to Singapore 3 days after her kakak went back home..

I do worry that my helper will not be come back as promise on the 5th sept but there are nothing much that I can do now as I can’t ask her not to go back. She need to go back this round but she does promise us that she will extend her contract for another 2 yrs after this.. *finger cross that she will come back as promise…

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