My “me” time…

31 Jul



( my crafting area in the living hall – hubby brought a desk for me to do my work in the living hall now since the kids like to do doing their work in living hall)

6-7 years ago, to get a small space only for myself have been so difficult and at that point of time, I nearly near to a stage of depression as there are too many thing happening at the same time… my marriage, my pregnancy, Zoey’s birth and 2 years later – Chloe’s, my career, and my family all happen at the same time.

It is just too difficult for me to adjust my life from one people, to 2 people and 3 and 4 people within the next 2 years. maybe at that time, I’m still young and at the point of time, many people think of their freedom and career and myself, I was like thinking about my family – my own family and my husband and daughter, I always frustrated with myself from not being able to adjust my life to the new changes yet I never ever regret from getting married early and have Zoey and Chloe in my life.,

7 years later – Today, I’m blessed that finally I have my own family. The girls now are so independent. They play and they study on their own and suddently I am left with my own time – time that was so precious previously and the time that I also miss so much suddenly back to my life. I realised now, although I do own back my ‘me” time, I missed the time that I could cuddle them in my arm,etc  but to go through this again, a Big NO .. It is another phase of life that I need to go through as now it is the time, the kids voice their feeling to any dissastisfaction and tell you, having 2 girls just mean your life will always be noisy with their idea, their arguments and so on.

I’m back to my old hobbies now since I have more “me” time and to release my tension/stress, I started to do my crossstitch again since last month. It is just feel so good, to do something that I like to most and you still be there for the kids..


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