They just so different

01 May


The more grown up they are, the more different character that we noticed among them.. Being the eldest, Zoey somehow know that she need to take care of Mei Mei and she did well in her role although sometime I noticed a lil bit protective.. Zoey is the type that will not ‘chase’ or ‘fight’ to get something, she will let her sister to have it although we sometimes teaches her that she need to take care of her interest.. We want her to know that there are times we need to take care of our interest and so on…


Indeed, it is just so different between Chloe and Zoey,.. Chloe since young, always fight to get the thing that she want.. Be it hers or Zoey… Although we tried not to have a cane at home or to use one at home, but with her, the only thing that she scare is the Cane… no matter how we raise our voice to ask her to stop her naughtiness, she just ignore you.. Something that she so good at until you show her the cane…I do use it one or twice after I can’t tolerate her anymore but somehow, she back to herself after a few minutes,, she just have the different character from her sister…


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