Our baby in the family

02 Mar

This girl of mine as normal so cheeky and clumsy.. Between the two of them, their character almost opposite of each other. We just loves them very much although they sometimes gives you heart attack with their naughtiness.

Chloe, being the baby in the family, get the privileges in getting us follow her ways. She just have the charm that make us follow her request. Not every time we follow as there are times we need to be strict with her, to her, her daddy is the ones that she can bully and to her daddy, whatever the kids request, he will tried to fulfilled..

Chloe have started to speak in mandarin with her daddy and sometimes with Zoey. She can now sing certain chinese nursery rhymes where she learn from her sister. Just hearing her speak in mandarin really make me so emotional. Frankly speaking I did worry before whether both of them can mixed around with their paternal side cousin, uncles and aunties as both of them are English speaking at home however time changes everything, my worry is a worry now with Zoey can speak in mandarin well and Chloe started to learn about the language.

Chloe will start school in June for her first pre-school year. I’m not sure what to expect now but I do know that with her, it will be a lil bit difficult with her. I can just hope for the best…

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