Reading interest

27 Feb

If I remember, the only thing that we want from our parent that does not need any justification was books.. We have a mini library at home when we are small and in fact most of our spare time when we still schooling are reading..this habit I have previously I kept till now although now with the commitment that I have in my career and family, the time that I have to spare are doing bedtime with my kids,

When I realized that Zoey know how to read after she learn some of the word in school, I went to Times bookstore and brought her the 3 level Peter and Jane series and from there I realize my girl too have the same interest as mine. She able to read the series all by herself up to level 4 and minimum guidance needed for level 5 onwards…Whenever we go out shopping, sure we will drop by bookstore be it Popular bookstore or MPH bookstore @ mid valley.. Many asked how we survive hours at mid valley while waiting hubby to finished work, bookstore is the place where we spent our days there.. I get to read and the kids able to look through their books…

I do download some application from the iTunes for their iPod reading and there are some application includes vocal guidance and I find very useful as the kids able to play it several times until they know how to pronounce the word..

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Posted by on February 27, 2011 in Chloe, Zoey


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