Chloe’s 3rd Birthday… Her celebration

18 Jul

When we asked Chloe, what she want for her birthday , she actually told us this” I want “masak-masak””.  So I went to Pavillion on friday to search for her birthday present.. after searching for sometime, finally we settled with this…

A kitchen… since she have all the utensils and foods back home @ her cupboard.

At first we thought to keep this present until her actual birthday which will be on Tuesday, then after some thinking, we decided to give it to her on Saturday morning..

When she woke up, we said we have a surprise for her… out of the blues, she said “mommy, it is my birthday today” I told her no. Then she was like ok… when hubby bring the present out for her, she was like jumping up and down and said thank you daddy, thank you mommy without even look at the present. Later when my maid actually took out the present from the bag, she even jumped more… She was so happy to have this as her present. and I hope that she does appreciate this present that we brought for her as her birthday present…

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