Time allocated for activity….

06 Jul

( exercise done by Zoey on one of the day)

(exercise done by Chloe )

Above are some of the exercise done by both of the girls during their “homework” time.. I actually allocate 1/2 hours aday as ” homework’  time whereby both the girls will sit still for that 1/2 hours without TV and other entertainment, and do their activity be it writing, drawing or colouring…

I want both the girls get used to the idea that they do have time for games and time for their education. I actually “copy” this from my mom where we are trained since young that we need to study when time allocated for that purpose come. Because of this, I am where I am now.

I don’t pressure the kids during this 1/2 hours… they can do whatever they want be it colouring, drawing , art  etc… as long as that 1/2 hrs they need to be at their desk and doing their activity.. in fact both the girls sometimes doing their work exceeded the time frame that I actually set.. They just continue with their work and finishes their work.. I feel blessed that both the kids like books very much. In fact, I have brought an home education programme which cost me alot for them. I blog about it in my next post…

( Chloe pretended to fall asleep when I want to take photo of her while doing her activity – see the laptop next to Zoey desk.. that is where hubby or me sit to coach them)

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