In 2 weeks time…she going to be 3!!!!

06 Jul

yes…my lil pooh pooh going to be a big girl now… She claimed that she is jie jie now since she have now my nephew to called her jie jie… She sometimes said this mommy, I not mei mei. I’m now big girl. Didi called me jie jie”.

This past few month after the Hong Kong Trip, we noticed that she grown so much. She able to talk to  you just like a big girl now. She do reasoning with you when she want to do something ..” Mommy, I do this awhile. later when I(‘m)tired, I sleep, k” she said this when I asked her to stop doing something as  it is her nap time. Alot of “why” being popped up whenever I asked her not to do something or “where” when we asked her to get ready to go out. She asked until you have no answer to give to her. sometimes I just passed the ball to her daddy and asked her to ask her daddy… Daddy being daddy, always the ones to entertained her. Sometimes, I feel pity when daddy need to find a real good answer for her question. not sure whether they are girls, both the girls can really tell you long-long story. They can tell you non stop what they did for that days… I think they can actually relates all the ‘W” and “H” on their experience for the days…

We are still not sure what would be her birthday present.. maybe same as her jie jie, we will bring her to the cinema for a show.. hopefully she will not sleep through the whole movie. or maybe bring her to her favourite place – kidzsport..

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