Zoey’s 5th Birthday… Our celebration

21 Jun


We have actually decided to bring the kids out for a movie since Zoey has requested it, It is the first movie for me and hubby after almost 5 years as we  have not been to the cinema since we have the girls ( I think, I did only once watch a movie with my sister after Zoey borned, which was about 4-5 years ago)… we postponed the date since we decided to go back Sban the night before and we actually promised the girls that we will bring them the next day to see the show… I tried to book the ticked online but my online account was not activated and I actually tried for almost an hour to get the reservation done but to no avail..

The next day, Sunday 20th April, when I told the girls that mommy unable to book the ticket, I can see their dissappointment although I tell them that I will bring them next week to watch the movie again.. Feeling the dissappointment in them, and because that we actually make a promise, I called my sister and asked for her online account with GSC… With that account, I managed to make a reservation @ Pavillion for 3D Toy Story screening at 150pm which is just nice for us as we will be going to Hubby’s Company Family day which was arranged at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa…

The girls are so happy when I told them that we are going to watch the show and it is 3D – I think the girls don’t understand the meaning of 3D. I brought only 4 tickets and upfront I already tell daddy to get ready in case Chloe scared with the environment since it is her first’s time in the cinema.

The movie is good, Zoey’s enjoyed very much the show while Chloe slept almost half of the movie, she even snored in the cinema and I think, the front and the back row would think Daddy slept and snore in the cinema… the show ended after 1 hours and 40 minutes and we went to Titiwangsa for the family day.. we just drop by awhile and the girls get to meet up with the clown and managed to get us 2 balloon from the clown…

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