Zoey’s 5th Birthday…Family Celebration

21 Jun

We actually have not planned to do any celebration among the family member since everyone is busy with their life and the girls just recovered from their sickness one month ago.. But last saturday – 19th June 2010, my SIL sms-es me to tell me that they are going back to Sban for dinner on that day.. Since we have most of the family members back home and Zoey, being kids, love the moment, where kids are singing Birthday’s song for her, we decided to join them for dinner . So, we quickly pack our bags, and since it is potluck arrangement for dinner that night, I cooked something to bring back home…. I actually arrange with hubby’s cousin sister to help me to buy a secret recipe cake since the kids loves it..

Somehow, we are stuck in the traffic jam for almost 4 hours as there is an accident along the Seremban Highway landed we reached home just nice for the dinner… The girls having nice time playing their cousin and Chloe, in fact, mixed well with her cousin sister and didi… But she still refused very much to go near her Ah-mah.. As for Zoey, no problem for this girl to mixed around the cousin, and now with her not-so- fluent Mandarin, she can now communicate with her Ah-mah and her cousin. It is so nice to see the girls mixing around, and playing together… A scene that my hubby would loves to see since previously, the girls unable to mixed much with the kids as they dont speak mandarin and the kids does not understand english… so now, with Zoey speaking mandarin and Chloe more and more understand the language, they mixed so well with them..

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