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No 3????

No and confirmed that I’m not pregnant… This post is to answer some question asked by some of my friend since they started to ask me this question…

The last 2 pregnancies that I have gone through is trauma,,, the most terrible experience that I feel in my life. It is not an easy pregnancy nor happy ones… alot of arguments, unhappiness happened the same time during this period… the pain, the uneasiness,everything that is happened to me during this two pregnancies i will never forget…

I do admired people does have a good experience in carrying their love in their tummy…the most precious “fruit” of love, yet I feel tragic and sad that both of my pregnancies ended the other way..

I’m blessed having my girls in my life yet I just feel that the number 2 is enough of both myself and hubby. I always love holding the girls hand while we are walking, just  like the feel of my lil girl holding my hand , a feeling that I can’t explain in words,.. a very strange feeling…

My 2 lil princess already fully utilised my time and I do have some “me” time for myself now. I won’t be able to have such time before for myself, now I do treasure the time that I could have just for myself,… It could be alil selfish on my side but I do believe that even we do have our own family, we still need to have some time for ourself to refresh ourself after a stressful life being a mom and worker… I can’t be forgeting the lil time that I could have for my hubby, the time where we could share our thought, our future and so on… I still remembered previously, we can’t even have 10 minutes alone just to share our thought of the day and we need to utilised the timing that we have while on our way to work.. the most precious time that we could have just for ourself at that moment…

As the girls grown, I do missed out the holding part where I carry them in my hand while feeding them, holding them closely near my chest ,. soothing them when they cried… the moment where they are so helpless and so depend on you in every thing that they want to do but …. I think I treasure the most now are their ability to communicate with you their thought,.. ya “their thought” something that you won’t not know before this… I treasure the time when they took their first move in their life.. the first step, the first school, and so on…

I am blessed having my princesses in my life but to have additional member to the family at this moment , i would said “NO” .. ya a BIG  “NO” as  I can’t forget the trauma and tragic experience and I can’t let go the flexibility  that I ‘m enjoying now..

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Zoey’s 5th Birthday…her celebration

As promised, we arranged a birthday celebration for Zoey in her Kinder on her birthday.

In fact, before the day come, she already announced to her teacher and friends that she will be celebrating her birthday in School. She so excited and anxiously waiting for the day to come.

The night before the actual day, I prepare a party pack for each kid in her class and this was done without Zoey knowing it…some sort of a surprise for her. I prepared additional one for Chloe so that she could join in the fun of it.

The actual day, both myself and hubby have taken leave to celebrate her birthday. As usual, we sent Zoey to her school and told her that we will come back with her birthday cake. I have pre-order her ‘looney tunes” cake from Kings’, the nearest cake shop in our housing area on sunday. but due to unforseen circumstances on the timing of collection, I have to changed and collect another cartoon cake the one and only one at that time. Lesson learnt, check first on the collection time written on the invoice to avoid dissappointment..

We went to Zoey’s Kinder around 10.00am which was the recess time for the kids. When we reached there, it is just nice timing as the kids are having their meal. We have the kids to sing the birthday song for Zoey in English and Mandarin. All the kids are so friendly and they talked to me like I’m also one of them.

After the party, we excuse ourself with Zoey as we want to bring Zoey to have a father’s meal @ Tenji …ya, Tenji again… a place where we like to go for our meal…

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Happy 5th Birthday…


Dearest Zoey,

Happy 5th Birthday from Daddy and Mommy… which mean this is the 5th letter that mommy wrote for you on your birthday..

This year, a remarkable and most memorable year that mommy feel when you start to speak in Mandarin, a language that are so alien to you and you have make an effort to speak, to ask your daddy and your Gong Gong if you want to know the word in mandarin..

You changed alot this year. Everyone said you are a good girl, indeed you are!!! You do your homework yourself, you learn, you write and you read on your own. Mommy loves seeing you doing all the action while you speak and you tell mommy everything, be it happy or sad… Mommy just loves to hear you talk…and mommy hope the same when you are 10, 20 and so on… 

Daddy and Mommy just hope that you will continues to shine your life, be a smart girl… we will always loves you …

HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY, my Princess.!!!

daddy and Mommy…

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Zoey’s 5th Birthday… Our celebration


We have actually decided to bring the kids out for a movie since Zoey has requested it, It is the first movie for me and hubby after almost 5 years as we  have not been to the cinema since we have the girls ( I think, I did only once watch a movie with my sister after Zoey borned, which was about 4-5 years ago)… we postponed the date since we decided to go back Sban the night before and we actually promised the girls that we will bring them the next day to see the show… I tried to book the ticked online but my online account was not activated and I actually tried for almost an hour to get the reservation done but to no avail..

The next day, Sunday 20th April, when I told the girls that mommy unable to book the ticket, I can see their dissappointment although I tell them that I will bring them next week to watch the movie again.. Feeling the dissappointment in them, and because that we actually make a promise, I called my sister and asked for her online account with GSC… With that account, I managed to make a reservation @ Pavillion for 3D Toy Story screening at 150pm which is just nice for us as we will be going to Hubby’s Company Family day which was arranged at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa…

The girls are so happy when I told them that we are going to watch the show and it is 3D – I think the girls don’t understand the meaning of 3D. I brought only 4 tickets and upfront I already tell daddy to get ready in case Chloe scared with the environment since it is her first’s time in the cinema.

The movie is good, Zoey’s enjoyed very much the show while Chloe slept almost half of the movie, she even snored in the cinema and I think, the front and the back row would think Daddy slept and snore in the cinema… the show ended after 1 hours and 40 minutes and we went to Titiwangsa for the family day.. we just drop by awhile and the girls get to meet up with the clown and managed to get us 2 balloon from the clown…

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Zoey’s 5th Birthday…Family Celebration

We actually have not planned to do any celebration among the family member since everyone is busy with their life and the girls just recovered from their sickness one month ago.. But last saturday – 19th June 2010, my SIL sms-es me to tell me that they are going back to Sban for dinner on that day.. Since we have most of the family members back home and Zoey, being kids, love the moment, where kids are singing Birthday’s song for her, we decided to join them for dinner . So, we quickly pack our bags, and since it is potluck arrangement for dinner that night, I cooked something to bring back home…. I actually arrange with hubby’s cousin sister to help me to buy a secret recipe cake since the kids loves it..

Somehow, we are stuck in the traffic jam for almost 4 hours as there is an accident along the Seremban Highway landed we reached home just nice for the dinner… The girls having nice time playing their cousin and Chloe, in fact, mixed well with her cousin sister and didi… But she still refused very much to go near her Ah-mah.. As for Zoey, no problem for this girl to mixed around the cousin, and now with her not-so- fluent Mandarin, she can now communicate with her Ah-mah and her cousin. It is so nice to see the girls mixing around, and playing together… A scene that my hubby would loves to see since previously, the girls unable to mixed much with the kids as they dont speak mandarin and the kids does not understand english… so now, with Zoey speaking mandarin and Chloe more and more understand the language, they mixed so well with them..

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Failure of a child in their life … the wrongdoing of a parent…

Sometimes, I just wonder that the well upbringing of parents could make so much influence to the grown up stage of a child.

I know bringing up a child with love is important yet, over-protecting or overly love may lead the child to a  dead path in their life. A child is consider independent when he or she reached the age of 21 years old or the child graduated from college and lead the life on their own. I recalled my own grown up stage with my parent, and frankly speaking, my parent have given me the best in bringing me up, provide me with the best education and now being the nanny when I’m at work. They leave me alot with my life but they are there when I need advice be it on work or life. But they seldom involve in the decision that I make in  regards to my own life or family. Yet I feel so sorry if a person who reach a stage where he/she should have family still depend on their parents. At a stage where he/she should have given back the best to their parents, yet he/she still need the parents to take over whenever he/she faces problem in their life, then I would said  it is all the wrong doing of the parents who lead the child to where he/she is.

I always believe that parents play the main role in the success of their children in their life. The value of life and integrity is so important  that would help the child to succeed in their life. If a person who reach a stage of  depending on the family even when he/she reached a stage of said 30, 40 or even 50 years old still depend on their family to survive then the child actually fail terribly in their own life.

My parents always told me that they cannot be there for me my whole life. I think this is true and I believe I should be there for them when they are old and I should be the one who should take care of them when they need me. Not the other way round.

The reason why I wrote this down is to remind myself that we should bring up our children when they’re young but to let go when the timing came  in order for them to lead their own life independently. A child would never  learn their lesson if the parents does not let go. I know there is some parents who actually doing this, yet I feel it is depend on their own thinking. If someone actually feel hurt on this, then to my reader, only ” people who ate chili will feel the pain ( siapa makan cili, dia yang rasa pedasnya)”… it is just my own opinion and if you feel the pain with this post then you should tell yourself that you have fail in your life and think what you should do to succeed in your life…

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..a word that I want my girls to know and said it loud when they do something wrong.


(a gesture between the sister – I just love seeing them so close)

Since young, they know that they have done something wrong, they said to me ” sorry mommy” first thing the moment they saw me on the doorstep. I always told them it is not good to do something wrong but if you already done it, you must admit and tell mommy about it and mommy will determine whether you will be punished or not but it is wrong for you denied it although you knew you have done something wrong and mommy will punished you even more. They in fact have tried to deny it and tell you, I actually punished them in the naughty corner for a longer hour than their punishment should be if they admit first.

Maybe both of them are girls, it is more easy to handle them – I’m not sure if they are boys. I alway encourage them to said out loud what in their mind which I think we as parent should do in this century..

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