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It is just fate….

For some of you may have knew that I do have a twin sister … my sister that was born into this world with me on the same day, same month and same year different by only 5 minutes..

Throughout our lives together until we are both married, I somehow do feel something amiss if anything that is not right going to happen to my sister.. I’m not sure whether this is just co-incidence nor just a feeling that I feel..

May 2010 – a month that I must acknowledged…. Both my nephew are borned on the same month ie Hannsson Yeo was born on Mother’s day – 9th May 2010 @ weight 3.18 kg¬†while Hayden Scott Lee born prematurely on 19th May 2010 @ weight 0.65 kg at 29 weeks 5 days gestation day. Hannson are son of my third sister- Vanda and Hayden is my twin sister’s son.

Hayden are still in the NICU @ HUKM just like what my lil girl – Zoey need to go through, It is not easy yet it is the best that we could do for our children.

with what that had happened to Hayden, the experience that I had gone through with Zoey have really flashed back to me. The struggling, the “guilt” feeling, the emotion have really flashed back to me and frankly speaking, it is not a good feeling at all..

I knew my sister have been following this blog and below are a letter that i had draft for 2 days now….

Dear Sis,

It is not easy for you to face this reality knowing that your son is there fighting for himself alone while you are unable to help and do to take away the pain. I gone through this with Zoey and and I knew how the feeling is..

Just remembered that this is not what you want for your son. It is just fate!! Fate that want us to go through this path and be brave, face the challenges and difficulties with your heart and believe that your son is brave enough just like his mommy face the challenge and he will overcome this. I knew it is easy to said than done but you did saw me how the challenge that I need to endured while having Zoey in my life.

Be strong for your son and be there for your husband. It is not only you that feel the pain but also Matthew. Together both of you need to overcome this and you will realise it is not so painful if you share your emotion with your loved one and be there to hear what is his feeling. He does feel the pain seeing his son in this condition yet having you together to overcome this, he is able to take whatever that will come and be strong for you and your precious son…

Just remember that we are always there for you and your family…


your twin sister.

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