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Beading _part 1

Beading – something that is new craft to me. I have a chance to explored this when during my trip to the usual craft shop that i always visited in Sg Wang. Previously, this project is actually for crossstitch but then, due to the eye-sight problem that i having, i have no choice but to let go for temporary and then i was introduced to Bead to replace the thread.


( a close-up- Photo 1 )

(another close-up )

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( Zoey with her Nebuliser – first attack due to virus spread from her mei mei )

Finally, Chloe have been discharged from hospital after 3 days in the hospital – We have asked for home leave since the last treatment that Chloe needed ended around 9pm each day, so we decided that we went back home for the night and be in the hospital for early next day…

Her condition are much better after some agressive treatment provided by her Paed Doc – Dr Musa @ DSH. He is really good with my kids. He knew what is the good medicine to provide to them and he actually against taking antibiotic.. Since my kids borned, he has been their Paed Doc and normally I refer to him should they been sick..

However, while Chloe been declared clean and allowed to go back home, Zoey cought the same virus from her. Her condition are not that bad, but she still need her nebuliser 3 times today…I just hoping that this ordeal will end soon and I really feel tired … I meant really tired of worrying, not enough sleep etc…

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