It is just how it’s work….

01 Apr

When I start my career in an insurance company as executive staff, to me at that point of time, insurance meant nothing to me. all the jargon that the underwriter use in their day to day conversation seems weird for me. I was a lil bit struggling at that time as it is really specific industry which the accounts was not done by sales and purchase but earned and unearned. I was asking myself what is that and started to asked around the underwriter or sometimes my CEO what the specific terms meant… From not sure to that i like my work so much, i learnt that knowledge is not “spoon-fed” but you learnt from experience… experience that you collect bit by bit, and you learnt from mistake and error… no ones is perfect.

There is alway a term ” selfish” in our lives…some may be selfish enough not to share the life with you, some does not want to share any knowledge that they have with you and so on, in fact me too when it come to my kids, i will be selfish on matters regards to my life and my children. this is fact of life and we need to accept it… Nothing comes free in our life and we just need to accept it!

I remembered the long hours i spent in office just to get thing done in fact now, in my position as of today, i still spending long hours @ home after the girls sleep to get my work done. Never put the blame on someone else if we need to spent more times to get thing done. it is just how the world is work… don’t expect spoon fedding in this corporate world..

Success and recognition is 2 different item… i still remember one of my ex-boss told me that you may be good in what you are doing but not necessary you are good enough to take on more responsibility which lead you to what is recognition. Doing extra job and getting it done without understanding meant NOTHING….

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