2010… 1st day in school..

04 Jan

At first i thought not to take leave today to take Zoey to school.. but after a few thinking, finally i decided to take in view also, today is my twin sister’s dowry day.

Last 2 weeks, i already started to psycho Zoey that school will be reopened soon and she need to go school. We told her that she now 5 years old and big girl now. Big girl meant like what my younger sister is … we told if yiyi goes school, she is going to school too just like mommy goes to work.

This morning, she woke up as normal and when we told her that she going to school and no crying, she was okay ( we were like okay . both me and hubby was crossing our fingers)… around 820am, I took Zoey to her school with my maid and Mei Mei. She still remained calm and was looking around. She called out her teacher name and said good morning  to her teacher… she was okay till the end of the school day…

Instead of expecting Zoey to cry, we have a cry baby at home…Chloe. She cried out loud for jie jie and kept asking where is her jie jie. I think we missed out chloe when we preparing Zoey to school. We should have also pyscho Chloe that jie jie will not be at home and will be going to school… missed out this… she cried till she slept this morning… will need to so tonight…

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