Happy Birthday…

30 Dec

Today mark the big day for you, hubby… Happy birthday to you!!!!!!

This 5 years of marriage, indeed we have gone through the ups and downs just like other married couple yet, having you in my life is the greatest thing that i hope for..

2009 is not an easy year for both of us. alot of disagreement from my family on our way of bringing up the girls, yet we still hold strong with our belief to give the best and happiness for our kids. We teach, we thought, we lead our family life just like what we want it to be, the happiness in our family and yet the fulfillment in seeing the girls grown up to be who they are is nothing can be compared with, no other way would ever took away the feeling that we have for our kids…

personally as your wife, i would said no complaint that i want to make except that the work hour that you spent.. most of the time, you spent alot of time in your work, to lead and to complete a project and yet sometimes i realised being a wife to a workholic is not easy. alot of patience are needed to ensure the harmony in the family but maybe we are in the same working environment, somehow i’m able to put down alot of unsatisfied feeling…. 

Lastly, in this special day, we wish you ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY” from your wife and your 2 lil princess, Zoey and Chloe

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