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08 Nov

Thank goodness Chloe’s recovering process is fast. for these 2 days, she recovered quite fast although we can still hear some weezing sound when she breath but as long as she does not cough like the past few days, it is good already for us. Her appetite come back and kept on requesting for food. as she still need to be on stright diet, there are a lot of food we tried to avoid. We tried not to give her rice but porridge for her throat but she seems to prefer rice more than porridge. We have no choice but to give her rice but we still maintain the porridge menu.

As for Jie Jie, she recovered from her sickness and tomorrow, she will start school again. At first, I agreed to send her to the holiday camps @ her kindergarden but because of those viruses, my mom advise me not to sent her to the camp during the holiday. We will try to strengthen her body immute system before she start her schooling again in January.

I just hope that both of them recover from their sickness. Being a mom myself, sometimes I feel so guilty to see both of them sick especially Chloe. There are times where I blamed myself for this. If they are not borned prematurely, would their health like this? My SIL told me that this is just only a phase of life that I need to go through. Not counting the days or years, I managed to go through this phase for almost 4.5 years now and I just hope I will have the strength to move forward and be strong to handle all kind of situation.

For the past one weeks, I did not have a good night sleep at all. Worrying about the girls, waking up every hour to take temperature, and yet. I still have work to be done in the office. Now, all seems to settled down and yet, I can’t sleep at all…. I hope for a good night sleep tonight before I start a new day. new week and hope for all good thing to happen to me and my family….

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