The experience…

07 Nov

It is not easy for me to put down my experience that i encountered while I in the hospital with Chloe.

The very first feeling that I have when I was told by hubby that Chloe situation is not good as the phlegm are thick and she having very loud weezy sound have suddenly make me so scare. Scare about Chloe condition and a lot more of question popped on my mind that moment. but seeing Chloe as normal as she is, she was drinking her milk when I reached DSH that thursday. She in fact asked me ” mommy, no work?” and I replied while hugging her ” mommy, no work today. Mommy love mei mei very much'” and she replied” love you mommy’… that moment, i feel so touched and feel so guilty why my lil baby need to go through this for the 3rd times.

While in the hospital, I was with her most of the times as my maid was also down with the virus and was going home together with my parents and Zoey. Hubby need to settled some of his outstanding work before he could come to the hospital. We have our times together and I realised that we seldom have our time much alone as most of the time Jie Jie will be with us. We talked to each other. suddenly i realised my lil baby are no longer a baby anymore. She indeed a 2 years old toddler with alot of why, what and how question. when we walked along the corridor, she will asked why baby cried, why baby’s hand like that, why baby sick and so on… In fact, the one day stayed in hospital, she attracted a lot attention from the nurses. Some of the nurses infact, remembered her as the moment we entered the ward, we was greeted my the nurse and the nurse, while taking chloe’s temperature asked her ” Chloe, why you are here again” and I was surprised when Mei Mei  answered this ” I’m sick”.

Although now Chloe recovered and need a lot more attention from us as we tried not to have the same virus attacked her again, i realised that I need to spent some our time with Chloe – just the 2 of us to get to know her much better. Doc told us that Chloe condition will get better when she reach 5 years old….

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