Chloe Admitted….

06 Nov

This is the 2nd times chloe admitted to hospital this year. While I writting this post,chloe are sleeping next to me in Damansara Specialist Hospital…

All atarted when Chloe cought the same bug from Zoey. On Tuesday, Chloe condition worsened and my parent took her to see her paed doc in DSH and was subscribed with some medication. Her cough still persistence and getting worse at night. As she was on medication, nothing much we can do except to monitored her condition throughout the night. as normal, I woke up like a zombie the next day and still goes to work on Wednesday. According to my mom, Chloe started to have Fever and just like jie jie coughing non stop until she complained that she had stomache. that night, situation getting worse. Chloe unable to sleep at all unless we carried her and I have not choice but to carry her sleep throughout the night. On thursday, she woke up with fever around 38.3 and Hubby took her to see her paed again. While I was in the office, I received a call from hubby that chloe need to be admitted as her condition according to her Paed Doc not good. I rushed over to hospital and was told that chloe have the same virus as jie jie and need to be on nebuliser around the clock every 4 hourly. Her condition much better yesterday although the fever come and go. she slept better… I hoping that we will get the green light to discharged today as I too started to have the symptom as both of them.



While I writing this post, we are now back home after being allowed to discharged this afternoon. Chloe are much better now as compare to yesterday now. Lesser coughing and the weezing sound. Chloe was diagnosed with Weezy Bronchilitis just like the first time she was admitted to hospital last year. I just hope that she will recover very soon and healthy as usual… like she said to the people whose asked her how she feel – she asked ” better”….

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