Love and hate relationship…

26 Oct


Both Zoey and Chloe have a love and hate relationship since Chloe know the meaning of “friend”. Both of them could be such a loving baby – played with each other, kissing each other , can change to fighting with each other pulling each other hair and pitching each other hand and so on. yet they still missed each other when either one of them are not around.

Chloe will wait her sister goes to school before she took her morning nap. she want to see her sister goes to school and said bye bye to each other and seeing her sister walked into school before she agreed to take her nap in her sarong. Chloe took her morning nap around 830am for about 1-2 hours as she woke up around 600am as I need to get them ready to my mom house before I goes to work. so they are used to getting up quite early since they are babies…


They will played together like other kids when they liked and when they don’t like each other, they fight among themselves. I used to hear Chloe saying this to me ” ah mi, I don’t like jie jie”” or “; I no friend jie jie”. sometimes she said ” Jie Jie noaughty, take rotan beat jie jie” …all this was communicated by Chloe when she is angry with jie jie or fighting with jie jie.

As for Zoey, the most she do was showing her temper to her mei mei or screaming for help. She loves her sister very much and since young we told her that she cannot beat mei mei , must sayang mei mei. maybe because of this, she used to be the one who got beaten by her sister, be it pulling her hair, got bitten by her sister and so on.

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