….a piece of white cloth..

13 Oct

There are many saying that a child is like a piece of white cloth the moment they are borned to this world. We as the parent need to lead them the good way so that the cloth are drawn with all the good values and not to be polluted with any bad values…

Before we have our kids, myself and hubby have set our agreement that no harsh word will be used should we have a disagreement and if can, not in front of the kids. till now, I can say is we managed to do it and normally if we do have our disagreement, we will not use english to conversed as Zoey and Chloe are english spoken kids and they can catch the words easily and normally we use cantonese in our day to day conversation as both of them are still not able to understand most of the words.

As a mother myself which grown up in a situation a number of harsh words being use as the day to day communication, I wish that my kids arenot  grown up in such situation just like what I have gone through. words like, binatang, sampah etc are banned from my home for my kids and normally we explained to Zoey that this is not a nice words to use and being a clever girl, you cannot use this word. I hope when she is big enough to read this journal, she knew why mommy is angry when she use the word.

  As for hubby, he grown up in a close knit family and although his parent are strict, he grown in a family where he learn the value of the meaning of “family”. I learnt alot of what is the meaning of a “family values” from hubby family. when there is problem, all the family member are helping each other to solve the problem instead of finger pointing who is the wrong parties.. I learnt this quote” whatever is happened is already happened, now it is time for us to see how we solve it” … this is the value that my grandma always thought.

I hope that the piece of cloth that are meant for my kids are drawn with happiness and good values in their life and the challenges that they face when they are a big girl…

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