Zoey @ 4 years and 3 months old

12 Oct



Ever since we start her schooling last June, she changed alot. She able to mixed around with someone that she just got to know and no longer a mommy girl now. She will venture out from the secured mommy cicle on her own allthough sometimes she do feel unsecured when she does not see us around. other than that, she quite independent and like to do her thing alone now. she also want some quiet time of her own without mei mei and will request to be alone. normally we let her be alone in her room and she will do whatever she want to do like writing, and playing her toys.


She likes to talk about her school every day to me. We will have our chit chat session on the way home or just before her sleeping time. she will let me know about her school, her friend and her teacher. she told me almost everything that happened in school on that day. I hope this will goes on until she in secondary school. I tried to have friendship with my kids rather than mother-daughter relationship. I would said currently Zoey treat me more like her friend where she share her thing and emotion with me quite well.

As for her food intake, since young she is quite picky about her food. she will pick and choose what to eat . She loves her food to be dry, no so much sauce and does not like her rice to be mixed with sauce. She loves soup but only if my mom cook. She does not like my soup cooking and always tell popo, ” I dont like mommy soup”. I’m not sure what goes wrong but as long as she took my cooking I think it is okay if she dont like my soup.

As for relationship with mei mei. she have a hate and love relationship. There are time where they are close and a minute later, they have started their fight against each other. Despite all this, she loves her sister so much and ensure that her sister are around her when we goes out. She will hold her mei mei hand in the lift and ensure mei mei not goes out from the lift without us and vice versa…

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