Chloe @ 2years and 3 month old

11 Oct


as usual this girl of mine are full of trick. She learn so much from her sister for the past few month and normally she is the one who entertain us the most now as compared to her sister. She are the one so talkative and tbe most question mark girl in our family now. Alot of Why, what and how question was asked  by her till sometime we feel so difficult to provide an answer to her question.


when in come to her speech, she are more able to express herself well compared to her jie jie at her age. jie Jie still with her baby language and she are able to express herself more better than her sister. She can now talk in sentences be it in Malay and english. some of our conversation :

Chloe : ah Mi , today I dont want ta-ta ( kakak).

Mommy : why you dont want kakak”

Chloe ; Kakak busuk…

Mommy : then you asked kakak to take bath

she can use ” her and she;’ in her conversation to us. Sometimes she is the reporter to report what jie jie do @ popo house:

Mommy : Mei Mei , do you naughty at popo house? you got lau kai or not?

Chloe : Mei Mei clever girl today. Jie jie cried.

Mommy : why jie jie cried?

Chloe : Jie Jie “ta kau”

Mommy : hah, Jie Jie ta kau? Ta kau with who”

Chloe : with mei mei. Jie Jie push mei mei. mei mei  fall down and cried. see, here pain pain. * point to her knee * po po angry. Po po scold jie jie…

she not really a picky person when it come to her food. She took whatever we gave her and quite seldom she will reject her food.

She is quite a naugty girl and always the ones who initiate a fight with her sister. she likes to take whatever her jie jie thing and claimed her ones which start another fight with jie jie. Jie Jie sometimes gave in and sometimes we wont allowed it. We make it clear that if that thing belong to jie jie you need to asked permission to play with it from jie jie and vice versa. Sometimes: you hear this ” Jie Jie – share share with mei mei. mei mei want to play” or sometimes ” jie jie, come (and) play with mei mei. share share kay.” or sometimes, she just snatched the toy from jie jie and run away…

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