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29 Sep

Few month back, I received a call from my ex-staff and we were chatting on the phone. She was a lil bit down due to some issue in the office. frankly speaking, my relation with my ex-staff are good friend and although we have moved on to another company, we still keep in contact with each other. We may not be able to meet up with each other, we still keep in touch via chatting room or facebook.

Back to the issue, she feel upset on certain issue and yet she is not be able to speak out as her boss are “of a kind”. What I told her was there are many type of boss in this challenging career world. There are good ones and bad ones. As a staff you need to be able to accept this or just leave it. I believe that no people are indispensable be it you are the key person or just a staff.

Looking back on my career life, I would said that I am lucky to have a good boss previously who could lead me into where I am now. I start from a clerical post to now the manager post and I would said that I do suffer to gain to my position now. My previous boss, FY are still my friend till now and although she is now @ top level management level of a well known MNC company, we still keep in touch with each other. She is the one who thought me that :

  • even though you are a boss, treat your staff well and you be treated the same. Show your sincerity in your work and your attitude towards your staff. You will gain their trust and believed it that you will get the work done easily.
  • Don’t ever act different in front of each staff and don’t talk bad abt your staff in front of your boss. whether the staff are good or bad, you need to lead them but if there is nochange in the staff then it is up to you to tell your boss.
  • treat them your friend instead of your staff. Do work together and enjoy the process. Process could be tedious, instead of giving out instruction, tried to work together and learn together. Both would get benefit on this. You will not scare if your staff leave you as you knew how to do the work yourself.
  • Enjoy your time with your staff and friend. There are always other thing that you could share with your staff other than work. This make the working environment more happier and staff are motivated to work for you.

What I could said here is that, the above are my way of working now. After FY, I have 3 more ex-boss who are based in Australia and Singapore/Bangkok are still my friend. Although they are far away, we still keep in touch via facebook and SMS/call. All my ex-boss are the ones that I respect the most…

Dearest boss,

Thank you so much for all the leadership that you have thought me and lead me to where I am now. I will always remember, that ” trust is not given to you but trust is earned from your staff” and ” a leader will gain the respect by your follower. Dont be a leader that are scare by your follower”.. Trust me, I will become a leader just like you…” 

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