Joint update – Zoey and Chloe

06 Aug

It has been long seen I last update on both my lil girls.. Throughout this past few weeks, a lot has happened. With Chloe’s caught bugs and was on nebuliser again, my MIL was not well and her blood pressure was not good and my mom was diagnosed with high blood pressure, It seems like my life was upside down for a moment. Now, with all this had settled now, I managed to have sometime here to do an update on my girls…



Zoey@ 4 years and 1 months old..

This girl of mine as normal she really our ” hou some kou”. Every time when  we are not happy or quiet, she will come and asked us ” Mommy/daddy, why are you so sad” or ” Mommy/daddy, are you angry”. Sometimes she will do something every unexpectedly for you and she will give it as a present to you. In fact, I have alot of pieces of paper which she gave me as present – she will said ” mommy, present for you “…

Since she start school last june, she still sometimes refused to go school and kept on saying ” I don’t want to go school” or ” I’m not happy in school ” .Despite all this, we still bring her to school as we want her to know that she need to go school and am happy now that she like to go school now after about 11/2 months. Every nite before we sleep, we will have our small talk where she will tell me what she do in school, what she played/ learned in school. She also tell me what her friend’s name – kelly lim, Pauline chok and Pau Er played in school.. I really happy that she want to share her day in school with me.

As on what she learned in school, she seems to like Maths alot and only after 11/2 months in school, she able to recognise the numbers, alphabeth and she love to do simple addition like 1+2=3 until the addition till 10. She request for work book with has all this and in fact I brought for her alot of worksheet till a times where I do my own worksheet during my lunch time and printed it for her to do it at home. She likes it so much and every day when we reached home around 6-7pm she will request to study a while before her bed time. I really hope this will go on until she are big and into her “real” school time.

I always believed in good foundation for our kids. since young, I like to gave them books although I knew they do know how to read nor understand it and we will read our books together. and Now since they are big, sometimes I read to them and sometime it is their turn to read to me. Although the version are not the same, their imagination is good.


As for Chloe, @ 2 years old, She are quite weak as compared to her jie jie. She is prompt to flu which resulted her need to take nebuliser everytime she cought the bugs. Despite all this, she still our lil pooh pooh. She loves food very much.

Her Vocab improved very much,. she really attached to me. She want me to sleep with her every day and will request for me to sleep next to her every nite – ” Ah Mi, come… oi oi mei mei” or ” off (the computer),… mei mei oi oi ” or ” mei mei ai-red(tired) .

She follow what jie jie do and same like jie jie, she has a great interest in books infact we noticed that she prefered books more than toys. Sometime, she demand to bring her book together whenever we good out. She like to point to the books and tell us ” is (this) dog, or is(this) apple and so on.”  She can also demand us fo her share and request us to gives it to her. if not she will throw her tantrum to us to show that she is angry. In fact I think she already moved to her terrible 2 stage now. if she cant get her thing, she will bite you and pitched you. mind you, it is quite painful.

She can now said in sentence something like this…

” I wan (want) is (this)… No, not is(this). that ones”

” ah mi, mei mei ai-red(tired). ”

” Ah dad where” when she see daddy not at home.

” ah dad work ” she answered when we asked her where her daddy is.

” ta-ta ah-ty ( naughty) ”

” Jie Jie ah-ty(naughty)

” Mei Mei (do) alone ” – This is her favourite sentence as she want to do everything alone.

” Mei Mei want a-more(some more ) – when she want some more.

Indeed, in term of sentence and conversation, Chloe started to conversed with us much more earlier than Zoey, She like to talk. She can talk from the time she woke up till the time she slept. That is why sometimes I have hectic at home !!!

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