Zoey’s birthday party

23 Jun

We have a birthday party celebrated in Sban @ my BIL’s house last sunday. It is just a smale scale of birthday party for Zoey since every year we would just have a dinner with relative. We did not called to informed about this function as both myself and hubby want to have this party more for our lil girl and my mil.

RIMG0311 I ordered cupcakes instead of Birthday cake this year but the taste are not as what I have expected. The theme of the cake are spongebob.I still prefer the normal cake especially those from secret recipe. Will buy one for Chloe birthday.

RIMG0318 Zoeywith A-Mah

RIMG0325 Birthday cake from Po Po

RIMG0297 Birthday present for Zoey and Chloe ( yup – a early birthday present for Chloe as she will cried if we did not buy the present for her )

RIMG0303Zoey with her present from daddy and mommy. She has been requesting us to buy this toy for her for months and I told her we will buy this toy for her as her birthday present and she remembered this and requesting us to fullfilled our promise. So lesson learn, not to promise a child as they will remember it.

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