Zoey’s day in school..

18 Jun

not as what I thought it should.

Day 1 : 15/6

As expected, Zoey was excited when I said that she going to school today. I told not to feel scare, must tell teacher if friend push her, must tell teacher when want to shee- shee as soon on. Not sure how many time already I told her that.

I was not not leave as my mom told me not too in case Zoey do not want to go school. I went to office and my mom as normal kept me updated with this. Mom told me that in fact Zoey said Bye Bye to her when she want to go back home. Quite relieved.,,

Later, after school, called my mom. Mom told me that Zoey was crying when she pick her up. Later after some checking, she said it could be she shee shee on her panties and she was scared. Could be a reason why she cried in school. I spoke to Zoey on the phone. She told me this ” Mommy, I not happy” ..

Day 2 : 16/6

Zoey ws okay when I prepared to go office on that day. In fact, she promised me that she goes to school. Later, mom told me she was kept saying ” I’m not happy. I dont want to go school” many times before she went to go school. Although she kept saying this, she followed my mom instruction and prepared her to go to school.

Called her teacher, She said Zoey was crying or rather sobbing when my mom sent her to school that morning. She said Zoey stopped crying after a while and will do her thing but when she was alone ( could be she homesick) she start to sob again.

In the afternoon, when my mom pick her up, she was playing with her friend. One of her friend told my mom this ;’ this morning , she cried” – so cute, this lil boy. Later, I asked her what she do in school, she said she write ABC and sing song. I asked again what song does she learn in school? She said ” chinese song” and she answered “I dont know how to sing”

I also asked her why she cried in school this mornimg – she said ” I don’t know how to sing chinese song”

Day3 – 17/6

She keep saying that she not happy in school. I told her she must goes to school so that she can learn ABC and sing song, make friend like daddy and mommy and so on…

Same as day 2. “Mommy, I’m not happy ” was a sentence that I heard the most for the past 3 days.

On the way back home : “mommy tomorrow no school” then I asked “Why” she replied ” Tomorrow is holiday”. I explained to her that holiday is on sat and sunday and tomorrow is thursday. so she need to go to school and same as mommy need to go to work…

Day 4 – 18/6

Even worst this morning, Zoey does not even walked to school. She was carried by my father and her school bag, bottle water and Shoe was carried by my mommy to school. She keep on yelling” I dont want to go school” and ” I’m not happy”

Later when I called the school, the teacher told me that she okay after she saw her grandparent walked away. She also do her school work in school willingly.

My mom told me this could be phase where she need to overcome and hopefully she can get herself suit into the school environment. I am quite worry to see her like that. Being a mom is not easy. No matter how worry I am I need to do this as I know what I’m doing now is good for her… Let see what happen next week..

So what did Chloe do why jie jie in school? She does not want to take her morning nap and keep on saying :” go school” when she sees jie jie preparing to go to school. She cried when my mom sent jie jie to school. But after that, she take a long morning nap without disturbance from her jie jie….

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