Disneyland Hong Kong… See you next April’10

14 May

“Mommy, I want to go Hong Kong. See Mickey and Minnie…”

This is what Zoey told me since early of this year especially when she saw the photo taken my twin sister during their trip to Hong Kong last year.

Initially, I would like to try the kids first to Langkawi which was schedule next month before we decide to take them to Hong Kong.  We have booked our ticket to Langkawi next month since last Nov when airasia have their 0 fares promotion. at that time, I was quite reluctant to book for Hong Kong as the kids are still small and I may not know whether they would remember the trip.

Yesterday, again airasia offerred a million seat with 0 fares to international trip and me without any hesistation I booked four ticket to Hong Kong next april with 0 fares which at last cost me about RM1K for 4 of us. Why next year? Not only because it is 0 fares but Chloe are a lil bigger next year and it is more easy for me to handle both of them. Initially planning are to put 2 nights stay in Disneyland HongKong to let the kids enjoy their trip to Disneyland.

I’m happy now since I can realised my kids dream to Hong Kong next year….

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