Happy Mother’s Day

10 May

Zoey : ” Mommy, Happy mother’s day”

Chloe : ” AhMie, (happy) ah-mie day”

This is the sentence that both my kids said to me. I’m happy and the feeling that I cannot explain here.

Seeing both my kids growing up healthily and and happily, nothing much that a mom would request. They are both a lil girl now no longer a baby but still in my heart, both of them still my baby no matter how old they are.

Being a mom myself, I knew it is not easy to bring up a child and to provide them with caring, love and to ensure that they successful in their life. I knew my mom herself put in alot of effort to bring us up and to provide us with good education. and Finally she successful to bring us up as a graduate and all of us have a good career in front of us. Now she took over my role to assist me to bring up my kids. Not every mother agreed to take care of their grandchild and some even said ” I already bring you all up, and I dont want to tie myself down. It is my time to enjoyed my retirement age” – this is what I heard from my friend when she was looking for a nanny to take care of her newborn baby girl.

It is not selfishness that I want to point out as her mother does have the right to take care or not of her grandchild. As what the mother said, ” I want to enjoyed my retirement age”, my mom can also do that to me and yet, she took care for me for my girls with the full attention eventhough I have a maid to help out. From bathing to playing and to taking meal, she took care for me. She loves her grandchild so much…

My mom are a sucessful careerwoman before she decided to quit work to take care of her 5 angels. since then, she is the one to take care of us, sent us to school and back, and wash our cloth and so on. Frankly speaking, until I’m married, before this, all the housework and cooking was done my mom and us being the child, are required to study and it was make it clear to us by my parent education is the most important part in our life.

Mother’s love can never be replaced and she is the one who endures all the pain to bring us to this world – pain that we cannot understand until you are mother yourself – the sleepless night that her endures when the child are young and they are sick, is not an easy task unless you feel it yourself…

To all Mother in this world – HAPPY MOTHER”S DAY

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