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20 Mar

After the death of my grandma 2 years ago, i changed alot. I start to realise that if you don’t take appreciate someone that are close to you, you will lost the chance when they are no longer in this world.

I still remember how I feel when I know that Popo no longer in this world for me. She is the only one person that I can trust to open up and her advice are the most sincere one. Someone the advice that she gave like a knife pooked to your heart but it is the truth advice that I can accepted as it is the most sincere one.

When I knew that popo is sick, I want so desparately to pay her a visit but due to my health condition ( still pregnant with Chloe ) Hubby against the idea as the Gynae gave specific advice not to travel at all. I have to accept the fact that, popo leaves us when I’m still 5 month pregnant with Chloe. I can’t even pay her the last respect as my condition not permissible.

2 years passed, the death of my FIL gave me another milestone that I need to re-look on how I feel and my popo death strikes my mind again. The family go through the hard time and mentally they are tortured by this incident. It is not easy for them to go through the phase of life.

Especially for hubby,  eversince the death of his Father, he does keep the anger within himself. He is so close to his father and the death does gave him the impact. I still remembered when he cried during the chinese ritual. He cried in silence.

Sometimes he does talked about his father to me. How he took his father for a walk @ lake garden, Sban or how he took his father to buy “number” that he like. I  can see he still misses his late father. But life goes on. He still have the anger for what happened.

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