My thought on the Mini Budget…..

15 Mar

It is seldom for me to comment anything that relates to the politic nor other “hot issue” in the country. However, I think I need to pen this down on my thought on this recent development to our country.

Before the government announced the budget, I really thought the Governament would announced a reduced in Personal income tax as by reducing the tax rate, the public would have more cash in hand and able to boost the purchasing power in the country. The recent announced on the reduced in employee’s portion EPF proof to be a failure as more of us decided to keep at the max level as the 2% reduced does not really help much and everyone of us know that the EPF are our retirement age saving and the 2% will generate much more saving for us.

when the government announced the mini budget to boost the budget on tuesday, the first thought that came to my mind was, you can only get the benefit if you got ” retrenched”. Does it really matter you get the relief in your income tax when you lost all your income generator? At that moment, what come in your mind is how i’m going to survive and provide for the family instead of the increased of relief from RM 6K to RM10K. The government still talking of Income tax of a retrenched staff/

Don’t get it wrong, I not one of the retrenched staff. I still got my job but I just think I should pen down what I thought of the current situation in Malaysia. I not to go through the whole budget here as frankly speaking the budget does not benefit me nor my husband at all….

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