The continuous episode of the sickness week in family…

22 Feb

After the week long of sickness in the family, Chloe still sick and her fever are does not subside totally… Her fever off and go throughout the week. Last saturday – on valentine day, we decided to take both the girl to Damansara Specialist hospital to see their paed doctor. Doc Musa told us that both having the same viral infection  and both of them was put under observation…

Never in our mind Chloe condition worsened. Chloe was having fever for the three day -Sat to mon while Zoey getting better… On Mon, although I was reluctant to leave Chloe with my mom as there are some deadlines need to be met in my work, I still goes to work while hubby decided to take half day leave as he also was not feeling well. throughout the morning session, mom keep me update on chloe conditions. However, later in the afternoon, soon after my lunch, mom called and told me that Chloe’s fever reach 39.7 c and immediately we decided to take her to Dr Musa for check up. We decided to admit her on the same day as Doc Musa said the fever could due to dengue fever.. Yes. Chloe was ADMITTED AGAIN for the 2nd times in 3 months time….

Thank goodness, she recovered fast and was discharged on Wed and now she back to normal… eating her way out… she loves food and the day she reject food, is the day she not feeling well….

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