Zoey’s 39 months update

03 Oct


So fast time passes… Zoey now in her 40th month progress now.


We have yet to start school for Zoey after a few times where she refuse to go school. Then out of the sudden, Siti was playing with her with her book and told her what you expect in school ie you got playground, slides and sort of other thing, suddently she told me, “: mommy, tomorrow go school” … ” mommy, school got slides, “:… mommy jie jie play slide in school” and go on and on until I have to say ” jie, see dark dark outside, school closed. jie jie sleep sleep first then you wake up, we go school, okay’ then tomorrow we start the cycle again…


When Zoey was about 2-3 years back then, she won’t accept reasoning. She will want her own way. If we doesnt give in, she will screamed her lung out worst thing, until she vomit. however, since her 3rd birthday. she seldom cried that much now. she will take our reasoning although sometimes she does not give in so easily but sometimes she does. Sometimes she took her own reasoning if we does not want her to do something…

– jie jie cannot take block go popo house, mei mei sleep, block fall down, popo angry (with) jie jie.

– Jie Jie sick, cannot take vitagen, tomorrow only take okay.

-mei mei naughty, mommy angry.


Since young, she does not like porridge. She took cereal up to age 2 . Later, we introduced porridge to mei mei , she started to take porridge, but not, she started her main meal in rice be it, fried chicken with rice, fried rice, etc… sometimes when she does not want to finish her rice, I will told her this ” jie jie dont want to finish your rice, mommy cooked porridge for jie jie ” then she will quickly finished off her portion.

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