Zoey’s 38th Month update

22 Aug

Now only mommy have time to update my 38th month… She have been missing in updating my development now… she so busy with her work…

let see whether mommy remember my development or not….

  • I’m know alot of new word now,,, I speak better now, Mommy said I so talkative now. I talked from morning to night non stop. Both mommy and popo was surprised how I can speak so well now.
  • I always quarrel with kakak. She like to disturb me. I scold her” kakak naughty, throw you ( tong) sampah”
  • I like to follow where popo goes as she will slipped away to market without me. whenever popo said” I throw rubbish” I will said ” Jie Jie ikut popo throw sampah”. Popo no choice but to take me to market. Then I will request popo to buy me thing.
  • I love to mei mei very much but dont know why mei mei loves to bully me. mei mei disturbed me when I want to do my own thing.. She snatch my thing and run away. if I run after her, she will throw my thing.
  • I know how to make daddy sayang me back when I make him angry. I just need to said” daddy” pitifully, he will come and carry me.
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