The “SICK” week….

07 Jul

since the sunday of Zoey’s birthday, I was down with a harsh sore throat on the day itself. Three days later, as I was attending my department dinner, I got 3 missed call from my mom. Mom told me that Zoey is having very high fever, The reading at that time was 38.5. We rushed back to take her to see her paed doc. I was on emergency leave for 2 days. I took care of Zoey while mom took care of Chloe as we want to separate both of them in case Chloe also got the virus from Zoey. While taking care of Zoey, I got myself the cough virus which leave me coughing every minutes day or night. As I need to take care of Zoey, I didnt follow the doctor instruction and will took medicide when Zoey asleep which leave me till now still not okay although I have drank more than 2 bottle of cough syrup,,,, Back to Chloe, although we have tried to put in precaution, finally she too down with the same virus but not as strong Zoey;s one. She back to normal self now but Zoey still having cough and alot of pleghm, just took her to doctor yesterday, This was the third doctor in two weeks time….

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