Zoey….34 months update

24 Apr

Officially Zoey is 34 months as of yesterday… How time flies. I missed alot her growing up stage and her cuteness….

In 34 months, she can do the following :

  • She taking porridge as her main meal now. Thanks to Po Po who does not tired to tried to gave her porridge.
  • She eats what we eat and normally her portion is very small. Still refuse to take much vege and will normally spit out meat or vega from her rice. She likes to take her rice first then meat/vege and we cannot mixed the rice or meat/vege together
  • know how to demand food now. she can tell you what she want and what she dont like
  • Adores her lil sister very much. normally she gave in on her sister’s request. Her favourite words  ” mei mei, hold ” or “jie jie ones ” whenever she want to give her toys to her mei mei or she refused to gave in.
  • There was one incident on how her vocal improved since the birth of her lil sister. we were inside the lift and I squart down and placed Lil “pooh” on my leg. Zoey was standing next to me. Then she said “ mummy, mei mei botak” then I answer her ” Zoey why you called mei mei botak ” I was surprised when she said to me ” Mei Mei no hair” I dont’ expect her to answer that way as normally when we communicating to each other she will never answer my ” why” question and normally I need to remind her that she need to give an answer if people answer you “why”
  • She played on her own very much now. She can play her toys on her own and hide in her playroom. If she hide for too long, she is up to something. Why I said so, because normally if she in her playroom for more than 30 minutes with no noise, she definitely playing with water. I experience that before.. She loves to played with water very much.
  • Her malay vocab improved alot. she learnt this from my maid. She know how to relate the malays word to english word such as panas = hot, Sejuk = cold etc. Sometimes we asked her what is panas, she will answer hot – that sort of answer.
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