MIL staying with us?

25 Mar

Previously before I married to hubby, I have list down a few item that hubby need to agreed upon before I agreed to marry him. The first 2 top on my list is I don’t want to stayed with my PIL and I have the options to goes back to my in-laws house during the weekends.

I’m agreed that throughout my marriage, hubby never ever force me to do this and I happy that hubby kept his promise.

The reason for me to state down this rules and regulations before I agreed to marry hubby was to avoid any argument in future about this. I have a very frank talk with hubby on this. He also knew how am I feel to stayed with my in laws.

It is not that I don’t respect them. I accept that they are my inlaws and parent to my hubby, grandparent to my daughters. but I need to have my own life… A life which am comfortable to lead with, a life that I build together with hubby for our children and so on….

All this while, when my FIL is sick, both my inlaws have move to stayed with one of my BIL in Klang… the first few months, it was okay… then problem started to cope up for no ways…

What I don’t understand was, why my SIL agreed to take over the responsiblity have some much complaints… If she dont want to continued this, please she got all the right to voice this out… We as the children and daugther in law will share the responsibility to take care of my MIL….

Since my FIL passed away early this year, I finally realise the responsibility to take care of her have increased. I told my SIL ( hubby’s sister) that if the children need to take care of my MIL, I willing to share upon my responsibility…

I also list down another set of rules for hubby to follow…our life will not change if my MIL came and stay with us… Zoey and Chloe will still be sent to my Mom’s place every morning and I will not rush back home every night just because my MIL is staying with me… I want to let hubby know that it is not that I dont welcome my MIL in my house but I want hubby to know that nothing will changed in our life eventhough my MIL is staying with us… This is also because I do not want hubby to expect too much from me… I always said to hubby, I also want my “me” time alone to do want I want to do… The only time that I can claimed as “me” time was during weekday after my office hour… I used to use this time to do my shopping and to do my hobby as during weekends, I tried to gave 100% of my time to my girls….

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