Chloe’s update….

13 Jan

 My lil girl are now almost 6 months. Time flies. I would said she is easier to take care, not much demand from her except. sleep and drink. Other than that, she easy going, easier to please …

As of 29th December, her weight was 6.9kg. Her Paed Doc said for her age and her condition ( being a premature baby) , she very good. Everything is normal. She have her second 5 in 1 jab on that day and had have fever for almost 2 days. Not really serious one but she cried and cried for almost 1 1/2 hr and I have no choice but to call for help…. Who? …. grandma and grandpa. both of them rush to my house and the moment, Chloe saw both of them, she quiet down and she spent the night with grandma and grandpa.

 She now very palyful and will asked for attention. She can’t be left alone or else she will pitifully cried to ask to carry. She will laugh and smile if you played with her. She can talk to you like ” ang-ku with all the rasberry coming out from her mouth, aaahahh ” etc….. She able to turn like 50% only and cried for help if she cant turn back…

Her bedtime have back to normal since she was 4 month old. Now she slept from 800ish pm till 600am, She will woke up and played a little while then sleep again until 8-9 ish every morning.

She still took 4oz of milk each time every 2-3 hours. At night just before she sleep she will took around 7oz and her last meal around 11-12pm and she will sleep through until 600am for her next feed.

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