Trip to Klang for lunch with PIL

24 Dec

We went back to Klang yesterday for lunch… it was more like a gathering where all my SIL and BIL gathered around for ” winter Solctice ” festival. At first we thought it was a dinner gathering as mentioned by my BIL in Sban last week but last minute they changed the schedule without letting us know. I have cooked lunch already when they informed us and we was rushing to get everything done. We didnt’ Chloe with us for this trip… Too troublesome and grandma agreed to help to take care of her.

As for Zoey, she enjoyed very much playing with her cousins and willing to joined them for the game. She have alot of “sweet” from her cousins and she will run towards me and tell me that inside her mouth ( by pointing to her mouth ) and said ” sweet”. I let her have the sweet on occasion only like meeting with the cousins. I do not want her to feel left out where her cousins can have sweet and why she can’t . I tried to avoid to her sweet in the house.

We went back home around 500pm and we went back to grandma’s house to visit Chloe and to take the maid home. Chloe was sleeping when we reached and after a while she woke up with a smile when she saw me and heard my voice. I took her out from the swing and played with her awhile while waiting for hubby.

Later, around 630pm, we took Zoey to the swimming pool. She enjoyed very much playing inside the pool and after a few session of crying, she understood that she have to get out of the pool after playing. She slept around 800pm after taking cod liver oil… That’s how we spent our weekend….

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Posted by on December 24, 2007 in Chloe, Vacation, Zoey


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